University Heights Community Association

We are continuing with this very popular annual forum as we have for 30 years. We started out with Coffee with the Cops on Saturday mornings several times a year. The crime stats were high then. Our partnership with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), our presence on the street, and our networking has paid off and continues to do so because of you. Join us at one of three locations to express your appreciation to the SDPD and our Community Relations Officers, David Surwilo and Ricardo Pinon. Please bring your questions and concerns and have a cookie compliments of Mystic Mocha and Twiggs.

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Neighborhood/Zone Watch

Our local Zone Watch focuses on several neighborhood zones and is run by local community members. For more information, email zonewatch@uhsd.org.


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The University Heights community is working in partnership with neighbors and our local SDPD to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in our area by starting a local Block Watch programs. It's like Neighborhood Watch, but localized to your own block. Interested in starting your own Block Watch?

Download Block Watch tips.