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Donations for Book Sale & Concerts in the Park

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The Friends of the Library have book sales each month out of our UH Branch. The proceeds usually benefit all branches, but the August 16th (8 am – 3 pm) UH Branch Library book sale benefits the UH Branch only. So, here’s the opportunity to raise money for our library! Let’s give up the good books.. even the ones too good to give away that you know you won’t read again. Your DVDs and CDs would be sellers, too.

Make this a bang up fundraiser for our library. There will be two drop off points: the southwest corner of Madison Avenue and New York Street and 4488 Arch Street. Please drop off your books, DVDs and CDs no later than Monday, August 4. If you are unable to do so, there will be a pick up book service that day, which you can schedule by contacting Nan McGraw at nmcsan@aol.com or (619) 260-0668.

Where is University Heights?
In 1983, boundaries for University Heights were established with the blessing of the Normal Heights Community Association, our two City Council members, and our two planning groups working with the University Heights Community Association (UHCA). Today, UH is split between two planning groups, Uptown Planners and the North Park Planning Committee (NPPC), which makes it more difficult for UH residents to assert control over what is happening in our own community. The UH Community Development Corporation (UHCDC), the NPPC, and residents to the east of Texas Street are working to change our boundaries and stop the effort voted on by UH residents to strengthen our voice by being within a single planning group, Uptown Planners. UHCA has provided important archival data so that everyone can learn about the long history behind this issue. Access the extensive documentation here.

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Neighborhood/Zone Watch

Our local Zone Watch focuses on several neighborhood zones and is run by local community members. For more information, email zonewatch@uhsd.org.


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The University Heights community is working in partnership with neighbors and our local SDPD to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in our area by starting a local Block Watch programs. It's like Neighborhood Watch, but localized to your own block. Interested in starting your own Block Watch?

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