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Correction to Article in June Issue of UHCA Newspaper

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Editor’s Note: Apologies to Mueller College for the errors in our June issue front page article. The following are the BIG CHANGES AT TWO UH LANDMARKS:

Two University Heights (UH) landmarks have undergone significant changes in the past months, one significantly cutting back its operations and the other closing entirely. At the end of April, the Mueller College of Holistic Studies rather suddenly and quietly closed its doors after 40 years. Though Mueller’s main campus was in Mission Valley, the school, started in UH in 1976 by Bill Mueller, has maintained the Mueller Community Wellness Center at 4607 Park Blvd.

Dr. Jeffrey Welsh, president of the parent company of Mueller College, wrote in a prepared statement to UHCA News that the college voluntary closed its doors, citing the ongoing difficult financial climate for private, non-profit colleges and schools. He cited the closures of Marinello Beauty Schools and the U.S. operations of Le Cordon Bleu cooking school as examples. Dr. Welsh added that the company’s other operations continue in business in the storefronts at the Park and Madison location. These include the Mueller Wellness Center, the Tools4Healers retail store and the “Across The Street” live music venue. All that is left of the Mueller College operation is its web page at www.mueller.edu, which reads “Mueller College, Thank You for 40 Wonderful Years, 1976-2016” on a mournful black and midnight blue background.

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