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New Business on Park Avenue

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Before Bourbon Street, Pec’s Bar was there on Park Blvd. In the mid-80s, owners Ted Buettner and David Heinen made a very large investment, stuck their necks out, and worked with UHCA and the city to develop Bourbon Street. Improvements to Park Blvd. had already begun (UHCA lobbied and received new sidewalks, trees, lighting, and underground utilities).

Eventually the neon sign adorned our business district. Until then, there was little pedestrian activity, no bakery, cafes, or restaurants. Bourbon Street led the way.

Now, new owners, ELE Collective Partners John Pani and Andy Zlotnik,promise a new kind of vitality — an exciting one for our business district. We welcome and look forward to meeting Pani at the February UHCA meeting.

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