Where is University Heights?

UH Web Boundaries Map

In 1983, boundaries for University Heights were established with the blessing of the Normal Heights Community Association, our two City Council members, and our two planning groups working with the UH Community Association (UHCA).

Today, UH is split between two planning groups, Uptown Planners and the North Park Planning Committee (NPPC), which makes it more difficult for UH residents to assert control over what is happening in our own community.

The UH Community Development Corporation (UHCDC), the NPPC, and residents to the east of Texas Street are working to change our boundaries and stop the effort voted on by UH residents to strengthen our voice by being within a single planning group, Uptown Planners.

UHCA reaffirms our boundaries as shown in the adjacent map, and we have provided important archival data so that everyone can learn about the long history behind this issue.

November 29, 1983, Tribune newspaper articles by Howard W. Welty, noted local historian and graduate of UC Berkeley, on survey conducted on neighborhood boundaries.
November 29, 1983, Partial map referenced by Welty in article.
June 22, 1984, letter to the City Manager regarding city signs for UH boundaries
September 24, 1984, letter from Greater North Park Planning (now NPPC) approving placement of UH city signs marking boundaries
October 10, 1984, letter to Director of Planning regarding UH city signs indicating approval by both Uptown Planners and NPPC for sign locations
May 26, 1986, letter to North Park Community Association regarding boundaries
1880s plat maps showing boundaries for University Heights
November 2005, UHCDC attempt to establish separate planning group for UH
December 4, 2007, Uptown Planners meeting minutes approving, for the first of three times, for all of UH to be consolidated under Uptown Planners
City of San Diego Community Planning Groups’ history, including boundary changes
June 13, 2011, memorandum from Todd Gloria, 3rd District City Council Member, to then Mayor Jerry Sanders
March 29, 2012, outline of meeting with Gloria to discuss UH being entirely under a single planning group, Uptown Planners.
Description accompanying petitions signed by residents to approve consolidation of UH under Uptown Planners. 500 signatures were collected.
August 2013, UH zoning map issued by City of SD by direction of then Mayor Bob Filner acknowledging all of UH under Uptown Planners in current Plan Update map (dotted line)
August 6, 2013, Uptown Planners community meeting minutes indicating placement of UH in the Uptown Community Planning District.
October 2, 2013, resolution proposed by UHCDC to change UH boundaries according to 1880s plat maps (provided above) unanimously adopted by NPPC, even though the request by UHCDC only includes a portion of UH as it was in the 1880s
October 7, 2013, description of resolution proposed by UHCDC to change UH boundaries according to 1880s plat maps
October 15, 2013, NPPC meeting minutes with motion to support UHCDC’s change to UH boundaries
December 5, 2013, letter from the President of UHCA regarding the 10/7/13 resolution and vote by NPPC
December 15, 2013, letter from NPPC to Interim Mayor/3rd District Council Member Gloria regarding the 12/5/13 letter from UHCA