University Heights and Uptown Studied for Bicycle Network Improvements

By Christopher Ward, Uptown Planners Board Member

Imagine you are biking along Maryland Street or Madison Avenue with your friends or family. You reach the end of the street and then… where to go? Can you easily get to North Park or Mission Hills without worrying about getting knocked over by a moving car? SANDAG has recently begun a significant study, the Uptown Regional Bike Corridor Project, to look at improving regional bicycle networks and the connections within neighborhoods that link us to each other and to the larger region.

Improved bicycle facilities, including greater use of striped or separated lanes, are coming to our neighborhoods. A Community Advisory Group (CAG) has been established to guide SANDAG transportation planners in creating a system the community wants – one that works for us.

The Uptown Bicycle CAG assembled representatives from over 50 established community groups including UHCA, UHCDC, and Uptown Planners, to provide input and take information from the sessions out to the communities for ongoing feedback.

After evaluating the residents’ ideas and establishing goals and objectives for the project in December, the CAG recently met a second time to review potential routes and opportunities to connect our neighborhoods using improved facilities. These could include improvements on Park Boulevard and University or Robinson Avenues, and eastward along Adams Avenue, El Cajon Boulevard. This would connect UH with North Park and Normal Heights.

SANDAG will be evaluating alternative proposals and establishing a preferred design later this year with ongoing input from the CAG. For more information and to sign up for future meeting notices, visit, or contact the project manager Beth Robrahn with your feedback at

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