Biggest Fundraiser of the Year!

The goal this year for the Birney Jog a Thon is $35,000. Birney students will be asking their family, friends, neighbors, community members and businesses to sponsor them while they “Run for the Green!” The Jog a Thon helps fund a librarian, Spanish, Art, Music and Garden instruction, which the school district does not fund. These programs cost $87,000 a year. How you can help:

✪ Merchants, can you donate $50, $75, $100 or more? If every merchant in our area donated $75, we would reach our goal of $35,000. We are pleased to announce generous donations of $800 from local realtor Mary Anne Stevens, $500 from local realtor Mary McTernan and $500 from Boulevard Fitness as kick off donations!

✪ Can you sponsor our event by donating money towards t-shirts, prizesor printing/envelopes?

✪ Can you donate when a Birney student knocks on your door?

✪ Can you donate prizes like iTunes gift cards, jump ropes, new toys, giftcards and memberships to encourage student and teacher participation?

✪ Can you help set up, lift water jugs, fill cups and serve oranges on the day of the event?

Please help us keep Birney the special place it is and GIVE! Contact Jennifer Ayala if you can help. or (619) 985-9280

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