Uptown Planners March 1st Elections Announced

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On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 from 6 – 6:30 pm, the Uptown Planners will be filling seven seats for a term of four years. The election will take place at the Joyce Beers Community Center located on Vermont St. in the Uptown District Hub across from Trader Joe’s. Those who reside or own property or a business in the Uptown area are eligible to vote; if you qualify (view area map) and are interested in selecting the people who will have input into the planning decisions facing your community, we highly encourage you to attend this meeting.

The Uptown Planners is a community planning group recognized by the City of San Diego to represent the community in planning and land use issues. Topics subject to recommendations by the Uptown Planners include, but are not limited to: advising the city on broad land use topics such as density, zoning, and infrastructure investment. Community Planning Groups also are asked to advise the city before it issues permits for new or additional construction in residential areas or commercial for projects that require special entitlements, which may include development such as adding an extra living unit, exceeding size or height restrictions, or developing on or near environmentally sensitive land.

To vote, an individual must present identification proving residency, property ownership, or business ownership in Uptown. Identification may be in the form of a driver’s license, utility bill, tax bill, business license, or rent receipt – any document that has the individual’s name and street address. Photocopies of documents are acceptable.

As a courtesy, it is suggested that before completing the ballot, voters first listen to the three minute statements each candidate will make regarding their qualifications and reason they would like to serve, or continue to serve, on the Board.

You’re invited to Upcoming Design Charrette
MONDAY, MARCH 7 from 6:30 – 8 PM in GREEN ROOM @ TWIGGS – UHCA is holding a meeting (or charrette, as they are known in the design world) to discuss updates to the North Park and Uptown Community Master Plans. If you are a University Heights resident or business owner and would like to attend, PLEASE RSVP TO PHILIP GILL AT PHILIPJGILL@GMAIL.COM. These community plan updates will also be the topic of our next monthly UHCA meeting, which will include presentations from San Diego City Planning Department representatives.

Celebrating 25th Anniversary of Old Trolley Barn Park
Come one, come all to the Trolley Barn Park 25th Anniversary festivities. Activities will include live music, a dog agility course sponsored by Kamp Kanine, old fashioned games for kids and adults alike, face painting, food from local vendors, and more! If you are interested in volunteering or have ideas regarding what would make this event truly special, please let us know!

DATE: Saturday, April 16th
TIME: 11 am – 4 pm
LOCATION: Why, Old Trolley Barn Park, of course! On Adams Avenue between Georgia St & Panorama Drive

Corrections for February Issue of UHCA News
The UHCA Newspaper editor would like to make a correction to the article titled “UPDATE ON THE POINT: PROPOSED LIQUOR BAN AND CURFEW MOVE FORWARD” on page one of the February 2016 issue. The specifics supported by the UHRC (University Heights Recreation Council) are: 24/7 alcohol ban and 10 pm to 6 am (April to October) and 8 pm to 6 am (November to March) curfew at the open space area named University Heights Point.

In the article titled, UH, “NP AT ODDS WITH FUTURE DENSITY,” on pages 1 and 11, the church property listed as an area slated for future development should have been listed as New Vision Christian Fellowship, not Victory Outreach Church. In addition, UHCA would like to apologize to the Lusti family for not getting confirmation regarding the statement that there is potential for CVS Pharmacy to purchase the property where Lusti Motors currently resides.

Learn More About Proposed Water Rate Hike
For those who would like more details on the proposed increase to potable water rates as discussed in our November meeting, please download the presentation reviewed by Lee Ann Jones-Santos of the SD Public Utilities Department, or email her directly.

Download the results of the survey regarding the proposed alcohol ban and curfew at The Point.

See the results from the survey on bonus densities and one planning group distributed at our October 2015 meeting.

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