February Community Meeting to Address Issues at the Point

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In our February community meeting, we will be discussing a resident-crafted proposal to curb crime at The Point and reviewing results from a recent input survey on the topic. Over the past two years, there has been a marked increase in observed and reported criminal activities involving drug usage and dealing, alcohol, assault, and prostitution in UH Zone 1. Indeed, the relative quiet, isolation, and beautiful vistas afforded by Zone 1’s location abutting canyons on virtually all sides has become a double-edged sword. Much of the activity is centered on The Point and the streets that lead to The Point. The residents surrounding The Point have put together a proposal, which would ban alcohol and restrict usage of The Point during certain hours. Download survey results here.

NOTE: The UHCA Newspaper editor would like to make a correction to the article titled “UPDATE ON THE POINT: PROPOSED LIQUOR BAN AND CURFEW MOVE FORWARD” on page one of the February 2016 issue. The specifics supported by the UHRC (University Heights Recreation Council) are: 24/7 alcohol ban and 10 pm to 6 am (April to October) and 8 pm to 6 am (November to March) curfew at the open space area named University Heights Point.

Learn More About Proposed Water Rate Hike
For those who would like more details on the proposed increase to potable water rates as discussed in our November meeting, please download the presentation reviewed by Lee Ann Jones-Santos of the SD Public Utilities Department, or email her directly.

See the results from the survey on bonus densities and one planning group distributed at our October meeting.

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