Survey Results Are In

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2014 UH Community Improvement Survey
By MaryBeth Chruden

Want to know what your neighbors think about living in University Heights? We did, so we asked you! Between last summer’s concerts in the park through mid-January, 467 paper and on-line surveys were returned. We exceeded our goal of 400 surveys and are glad to report what we’ve learned so far.

First some demographics. The responses were received from across all six UH Zone Watch areas. Respondents were 47% female, 37% male; the rest were not marked. Fifty-nine percent own property in UH, 25% rent, 14% did not answer and less than one percent were business owners. Twenty percent of respondents have been in UH less than 3 years and 18% have been here over 25 years. The rest of the responses were spread fairly evenly among the four categories in between. Not surprisingly, 71% of respondents use cars as their primary mode of transportation with 17% primarily either walk, bike, or use public transit.

Three questions were asked to gather information to help UHCA focus on priorities for neighborhood improvement:
* What are the problems in your neighborhood?
* What services would you be willing to pay more taxes to receive?
* What are the top three issues you would like to have addressed in the coming year?

Read more to find out the top priorities for University Heights voiced by your friends and neighbors.

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