Homelessness in San Diego

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The Shifting Landscape and How Best to Get Involved

By Kalie Standish, UH resident and Associate Director of Community Engagement for PATH (People Assisting The Homeless)

With roughly 8,500 individuals countywide struggling with homelessness, it’s important to determine not only the level of housing and services needed, but also how best to ensure an individual has the support in place to maintain that housing.

Homelessness is one of the most complex social issues our country faces. Heightened awareness surrounding the issue nationally offers us locally the opportunity to step-up as one of 25 cities tasked with ending chronic and veteran homelessness. Through the 25 Cities initiative, San Diego’s mission is clear:

Provide housing and supportive services to 250 individuals (150 veterans and 100 chronically homeless) in 100 days.

FACT: It costs 40% less per year to move an individual experiencing homelessness into permanent supportive housing than to support that person while he or she continues living on the streets.

Collaboration in the community is key. From assessing individuals living on the streets, to offering case management services and housing options, there’s dedicated volunteers, service providers, non-profits, and businesses committed to assisting those most in need. Read more about how you can get involved.

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