Positive Changes for UH Bus Routes

By Carol Neidenberg

Increased revenues, combined with reinstated State Transit Assistance funding, is allowing the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) to consider restoring and improving services in 2012 and 2013. Improvements may include increased frequency and span of service on heavily used routes, restoration of some Sunday routes, and/or route improvements that better connect the public transportation system. Some improvements will be made in September 2012 and some in January 2013 if revenues remain high.

Increased service is being considered for two buses that University Heights residents use: Routes 1 and 15. The proposed improvement on Route 1 is to add six Sunday trips (four AM eastbound, one AM westbound & one PM eastbound). On Route 15 the proposal is to increase frequency to every 12 minutes during weekday peak hours, and operate midday Sundays at a 20-minute frequency.

Before MTS presents a plan to their Board of Directors, they want to hear from you. The link to their website below shows the preliminary proposals, as well as how passengers can provide comments, suggestions, and feedback. Proposals will be presented to the MTS Board of Directors at 9:00 am on May 17, 2012. This meeting is open to the public and comments can be made at that time.

For additional information, call (619) 595-4912 or visit the SD MTS site to provide input.

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