In Case You Missed It: March UHCA Meeting

The Crime Watch Meeting was run by Randy Wortman of Stonewall Citizen’s Patrol and Nan McGraw. Randy reported on crime stats, 59 incidents in the previous 45 days. This was about the same level as the previous time period. A community member reported calling the non-emergency number about suspicious activity at a vacant house and having the operator not take the incident because it was a vacant house. Deputy City Attorney Paige Hazard [(619) 533-5500] said that if that happens, notify her or our SDPD CRO David Whitfield [(619) 876-9646] or ask for a supervisor. This should not happen and they can investigate.

Dion Akers [(619) 236-6633] of Todd Gloria’s office said there was a joint project between SDPD and the Alpha Project to clean up homeless camp under Hwy 163 next to Washington St. If you see additional activity, contact Dion and send pictures if you can. He also told us about the first ever year-round homeless shelter that will be opening in Winter 2012 in the old Park and Rec building. Todd Gloria was involved in making this happen.

Katherine Fortner of Congresswoman Susan Davis’s office updated the group on two bills Susan Davis supported. The STOP Act would limit the ability of government employees using inside information in stock trading. The Campaign Finance Disclosure bill would increase transparency in campaign funding.

Leo Wilson, chair of Uptown Planners, was our guest speaker. He overviewed the Community Plan Update Process and why it is important for UH to be involved in the review of the update. The Community Plan update will determine the future of our community over the next 20 years. It will address issues such as mobility, urban design, public facilities, services and safety. If you are interested in being involved in the Community Plan Update review, please email

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