Plaza de Panama Project Update

By Mary Anne Stevens

The April UHCA meeting will be a follow up to our February general meeting regarding the Balboa Park Plaza de Panama Project. This project will modify the central core of the park to allow only pedestrian traffic, which will cause car traffic to be diverted to surrounding streets and communities. This project was discussed vigorously at our February meeting with both the design team and SOHO presenting their views of the current plan.

On January 19, a Superior Court judge required additional environmental analysis, a consideration of alternative projects and the gathering of meaningful public input before the project could continue. Also the City’s Development Services Department released a Draft Environmental Impact Report on January 23, which concluded that the proposed project would have six “significant environmental” impacts including noise, historical resources and traffic/ circulation. (To learn more before our meeting, the EIR is available at

Come and hear the project’s manager and a member of the design team provide an update on the status of this project. This is another opportunity for you to know more about the proposed project and what it potentially means for the surrounding communities, including University Heights. Come and give your input.

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