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UH Rocks!

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By MaryBeth Chruden

The first “Rock ‘N’ Roll” version of Clean UH Up was a GREAT SUCCESS!   Sunday, June 3rd, the morning of the annual Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, 44 volunteers showed their love of community by coming to clean the on ramp to 163 North.  With the ramp and Hwy 163 closed to traffic, it was an otherworldly and eye opening experience walking where we are normally forbidden.

Volunteers worked hard cutting and pulling weeds, picking up trash and debris large and small, sweeping curbs and trimming dead palm branches.  We were especially excited to clean the medians and around the white pylons near the left turn lane onto 163, an area normally too dangerous to work on.

It is truly a pleasure to see so many people come out early on a precious weekend morning, eager to help, feeling proud of what they accomplished, and telling us we should do it again.  We thank Twigg’s and Lestat’s for donating gift cards for our raffle.  We are also very grateful to Caltrans for donating bags, trash pickers and picking up our 70+ bags of debris and one shopping cart.  This event was organized by the UHCA Beautification & Planning Committee and any cost was covered by UHCA.

We accomplished a lot and hope you can tell.  And we hope you join us for the next Clean UH Up! For information, contact the Beautification & Planning Committee by email:

University Heights Community Plan Update – Get Involved

See our PHOTO GALLERIES for pics from the latest clean ups and more… 

by Alex Elias

For some time now you’ve been hearing about planning efforts for University Heights. You may have heard that the city is conducting Community Plan Updates for the city’s older neighborhoods. Planning is something we all do in our daily lives, but in the context of a community’s future planning means something specific. Should planning matter to you? Yes. Why? Because it affects your entire experience of a community.

A Community Plan is the vision for the future of an area. It is the basis for future land use decisions. It broadly prescribes types of uses as well as the density (for residential) and intensity (for commercial or business types of development) for those uses. It sets forth the vision for growth in a community and establishes goals and policies against which all future development projects, provision of infrastructure and the majority of other land use decisions are made.

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Explore your neighborhood with Friends of Buchanan Canyon

See our PHOTO GALLERIES for pics from the latest clean ups and more… 

By Jeannie Hine

We will have another opportunity for exploration of our great canyon on June 16. The group will inspect the erosion control dams we installed and make any necessary repairs. We will also be clearing the pathway.

Will more birds be out? Will we run across any scurrying four-footed creatures? Will any flowers still be blooming? Will the pretty, but nonnative, nasturtiums weave their web across the canyon again this year? Join us to find out.

Bring drinking water and wear closed toe shoes. Boots are best. Be prepared for lots of sun and warm weather, we suggest sunscreen, bug repellant, hat and long sleeves. Meet at 9:00 am on the Johnson Avenue side of the canyon, between Lincoln and Hayes Avenues. Be sure to check out how the walkway across the canyon top on Johnson is changing. It really has progressed nicely. See you soon!