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Arson Fire at Birney Elementary School causes $600,000 in damage.

You have probably seen on the news, that Birney Elementary School suffered over $600,000 in damage as the result of an arson fire that burned Monday January 16 just before midnight.

Details about the fire are on the Channel 6 website.

SD Police, the Metro Arson Strike Team, FBI and ATF are investigating the fire.  There is no evidence at this point that the Birney fire is connected to the other fires in the neighborhood.  The Police have asked that community members not form roving patrols as it could interfere with the ongoing investigation. But UHCA will stay in touch with our Community Relations Officer as things develop.

Many supplies and fixtures were destroyed and the Friends of Alice Birney Foundation is seeking donations to help replace them.  Monetary donations are preferred since they can be used to purchase many different things.  Money can be donated at  Supplies can be left at donation boxes by the Kindergarten gate at the school. domain information . Romanian phrases .