One Planning Group for University Heights: Sign the Petition

University Heights is currently divided between two community planning groups.  West of Park Blvd is in the Uptown Planners district, east of Park is in the North Park Planning Committee district.  At  the May UHCA monthly meeting, a vote was taken and unanimous support was given to uniting all of University Heights up to Texas Street under the Uptown Planners planning group. The shaded area in the map below is the part of UH that would move under Uptown Planners.

Since there is not currently a process for changing planning group boundaries, UHCA has created a petition which residents and business and property owners can sign, requesting University Heights be united under Uptown Planners.  This petition will be given to Todd Gloria, our City Councilman, who has expressed support for this cause. The city council will vote on whether to allow us to change our affiliation.  The petition will be available to sign at our February and March monthly meetings and we encourage you to sign to bring about this change.  For more information or to sign the petition, contact J.D. Abercrombie at (619) 291-4913.

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