What the hole is going on?

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The construction zone at Maryland and Van Buren is part of the Maryland Street Storm Drain Replacement Project, which, according to the city’s website,”…includes, but is not limited to, the installation of approximately 50 linear feet of 18-in RCP storm drain; approximately 250 linear feet of 24-in RCP storm drain; construction of Curb Inlets Type A and Type B; Type B5 Storm Drain Cleanout; abandonment of existing 12-in CMP and inlet structure. “

There is no indication as to when this part of the project will be completed, but it looks like they are making good progress to improve drainage in this UH canyon area.


University Heights is celebrating its 1888 beginnings in and around Trolly Barn Park on August 10 with a series of fun-filled community events, raffles, music and other activities. Though we’re looking into applying for grants, contributions are welcome. We now have a 501(c)(3) tax exemption, so your 2013 donations may be tax-deductible. Join your neighbors in planning, supporting and celebrating this landmark anniversary. Learn more about planned activities to celebrate UH from the Victorian times through today, as well as how you can get involved.

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