Join the Community Planning Conversation

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The City of San Diego is working to update community plans for the greater Uptown and North Park communities, taking a renewed look at where the neighborhoods currently are and where they will be headed in the coming 20 years. Why should you care about community planning? Because the decisions we make this year will guide the future development of our neighborhood – for better or worse.

How much additional residential should we bring into the neighborhood, and where do we put commercial properties? How dense and how tall do we allow buildings? Are there opportunities for parkland or recreation areas? What are the livable and visual character goals we desire for our community?

The May UHCA meeting program will be a discussion of these questions and how they relate to to our community plan. Be sure to join your neighbors at this regularly scheduled UHCA monthly meeting to hear from planners and give your critical opinions and feedback. The discussion will take place on Thursday, May 2, at the San Diego Unified School District Auditorium, 4100 Normal Street, after the Crime Watch report at 6:30 pm.

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