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University Heights to Note 125th Anniversary

Quasquicentennial Means Let’s Party Like it’s 1888

Next August marks University Heights’ 125th birthday and plans for its celebration include a street fair along Park Boulevard, bands and whatever else it takes to have a Quasquicentennial good time.

“The purpose of the event is to showcase University Heights as one of San Diego’s best places to live and visit, increase community involvement and enhance community pride,” said Carol Neidenberg, vice-president of the University Heights Community Association (UHCA) the event’s sponsor.

Committee members include: Mary Anne Stevens, Cassie Morton, Daniel Hernandez, MaryBeth Chruden, Suzy Holts, Tommy Cope, Filly Gaines, Kristi Edmonds, Paul Farris, Refugio (Will) Rochin, Greg Sorini, Oz Blackaller and Bernie Horan.

“UHCA welcomes suggestions from residents and also is looking for volunteers to help in the event’s planning and organization,” said Neidenberg. Those interested can contact UHCA at

Birney Buzz

Birney’s School Year Wrapping Up

The last day of instruction at Birney is July 20. Thanks to everyone who made this year a great success! Over the summer, Birney’s PTA and Friends of Alice Birney Elementary will be planning our social, community, academic and fundraising events for the 2012-13 school year. If you want to become involved in supporting your neighborhood school and you have ideas, resources, time or money you’d like to donate, please email us or go to our website and make a tax deductible donation on our secure PayPal link.

Volunteer to Work in Birney’s Garden this Summer!

Did you know Birney has a native plant, fruit, vegetable and herb garden? The garden is a wonderful learning resource for Birney’s kids for several years now and it is always in need of volunteers to weed, water, plant, mulch and generally maintain the garden. The need is especially great once summer comes and the kids are not in school. Please help us keep this fantastic resource healthy by volunteering. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email Mindy Swanson.

Have a Say in the Future of University Heights

Special Uptown Planners Meeting
Tuesday, July 17 at 6 pm
UCSD Hospital Auditorium
West Arbor Drive, West Wing Entrance

At the Uptown Planners meeting this Tuesday, July 17 at 6 pm, City of San Diego Development Services (DSD) staff will present a revised, proposed Land Use Map for the Uptown Planning Area that will affect housing growth in University Heights. Download the agenda with a map and directions to the meeting.

Based upon a detailed analysis by the University Heights Historical Society (UHHS) of Census data, SANDAG data, and the proposed Land Use Map, the UHHS estimates that the number of housing units (or density) could more than double in University Heights, if the proposed Land Use Map is approved.

The University Heights Historical Society will make a short presentation during public comment about the potential impact of the proposed land use map on University Heights. We will also ask DSD staff for more information to help the community better assess the potential impact of their proposal.

If you would like to have a say in the future of your neighborhood and our community, please attend the Uptown Planners meeting on Tuesday. The next draft of the Land Use Map will be delivered by the city later this summer.

Birney Buzz

See our PHOTO GALLERIES for pics from the latest clean ups and more… 

Update on Rebuilding Birney’s Cafeteria and Auditorium
By Laura Dadmun, President, Friends of Alice Birney Elementary

On June 11, a meeting was held about rebuilding Birney’s cafeteria and auditorium that was destroyed by an arsonist in January of this year. Present were Principal Amanda Hammond-Williams, teachers, parents, representatives of PTA and Friends of Alice Birney, the architect in charge of the project and representatives from SDUSD.

The current estimate is for construction to begin in December 2012 with expected completion in June 2013. There have been some delays getting the project off the ground. Initial reports by the insurance company indicated no structural damage; however, an independent structural engineer hired by SDUSD discovered there was structural damage. This will require the interior of the building to be gutted. Asbestos tiles were discovered in the cafeteria, which will require specialized removal and safety procedures, particularly since demolition will be occurring during the school year. Now that the scope of the project has been determined, it must be put out to bid.

The essentials of the exterior and interior of the building will not change. The exterior will be cleaned and painted, and new windows, floor and wall coverings, and a new heater, prepped for AC installation if funds become available, will be installed. The exterior tile mural will be preserved and the stage cleaned and refinished. Two doorways and two school bathrooms will have to be reconfigured to conform to current disabled access standards. In addition, a disabled access area must be created in the parking lot to the south of the school, resulting in the loss of five staff parking spaces.


See our PHOTO GALLERIES for pics from the latest clean ups and more… 

Have you seen the markings on the streets around the neighborhood? The No Parking signs and the guys working in the street? Wondering what’s going on?

Well, it’s Water Group Job 931. This work is being done by S.C. Valley Engineering Inc. and will include trenching, removing and replacing water lines on Madison Ave, Proctor Place and Johnson Ave. The job originally scheduled to begin in April, finally began June 1 and is scheduled for completion by the end of September.

If you have any questions about the project, contact the City of San Diego Engineering & Capital Projects Department at (619) 533-4207 or email them at