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What is Your Vision for University Heights?

By Kristin Harms and Greg Sorini

March 1st UHCA Meeting: Updating the Community Plan
Did you know that SANDAG estimates a 28% increase in the University Heights population by 2030, and a 24% increase in housing units? How will this affect our quality of life in UH, including traffic, streets and sidewalks, safety, and community character?  And what determines how our infrastructure will change to accommodate the increase in people and cars?  The answer to both of these questions is our Community Plan.  The city is in the process of updating the 1988 Uptown and the North Park Community Plans which will shape the future of University Heights.

Our March UHCA meeting will feature Leo Wilson, Chair of Uptown Planners, who was instrumental in the development of the 1988 Community Plan.  Leo will give an overview of the Plan Update process and highlight why it is so important for community members to be directly involved in creating this updated document.  The Community Plan sets guidelines for urban design, the provision of services, transportation options and historic preservation in University Heights.  Come give your input and sign up to participate in the committee which will review and edit the Community Plan.

A follow up interactive workshop, sponsored by the UH Historical Society, will take place on Saturday, March 17 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Grace Lutheran Church.  Join other concerned community members to discuss and develop long-term priorities for University Heights in anticipation of the release of the draft Community Plan updates.

The Grace Lutheran Church is located at 3993 Park Blvd. Free parking is available in the lot behind the church. Enter the church from the back alley and take the stairs to your right to the Fellowship Hall.

For more information on the March 17th meeting and to become involved in the Plan update process, please visit the What’s New page of the UHCDC website at, email or call (619) 297-3166.

Uptown Planners Board Elections

At the March Uptown Planners Meeting, Tuesday, March 6, 2012, elections will be held to fill seven seats for terms of four years each.  Elections will be held from 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm  To vote, an individual must present ID proving residency, property ownership or business ownership in Uptown.

Uptown Planners provides official recommendations on issues affecting University Heights west of Park Blvd.  Of particular importance is the fact the current Chair Leo Wilson will be termed out and a new president will be elected by the Board.

Let’s make a good showing from the neighborhood! The Uptown Planners meeting takes place at Joyce Beers Community Center, Uptown Shopping District. (Located on Vermont Street between the Aladdin Restaurant and Panera Bread)

Coffee With The Cops


Meet your neighbors and our new SDPD Community Relations Officer, David Whitfield.

  • 10 AM: Birney School entrance @ 4345 Campus Avenue
    10:30 AM: Carmelina & Lomitas behind Trolley Barn Park
    11 AM: The Point @ Golden Gate & Rhode Island Streets

IT’S UP TO US TO TAKE CARE OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! If you witness suspicious behavior, call 531-2000. If you witness a crime in progress, call 911.

One Planning Group for University Heights: Sign the Petition

University Heights is currently divided between two community planning groups.  West of Park Blvd is in the Uptown Planners district, east of Park is in the North Park Planning Committee district.  At  the May UHCA monthly meeting, a vote was taken and unanimous support was given to uniting all of University Heights up to Texas Street under the Uptown Planners planning group. The shaded area in the map below is the part of UH that would move under Uptown Planners.

Since there is not currently a process for changing planning group boundaries, UHCA has created a petition which residents and business and property owners can sign, requesting University Heights be united under Uptown Planners.  This petition will be given to Todd Gloria, our City Councilman, who has expressed support for this cause. The city council will vote on whether to allow us to change our affiliation.  The petition will be available to sign at our February and March monthly meetings and we encourage you to sign to bring about this change.  For more information or to sign the petition, contact J.D. Abercrombie at (619) 291-4913.